Slow Down

I slowed down last night and caught up with my high-school friends at a nearby Mexican-chain restaurant. We updated each other on our past year and plans for the upcoming year. For the most part, everyone appeared optimistic and engaged with what they were doing. Following a grande burrito layered with melted cheese, I waddled out of the jaunt and rambled over to Val’s house to sustain our gathering.

I abstained from drinking, but nonetheless, it was a grand outing as more friends stumbled in as the night rolled. Stories and good fun commenced as always when we all link up. We each play off one another, provoking an extended joke which lasts much longer than any guest would expect. The communal laughter was ceaseless last night.

Laughter is an irreplaceable remedy, which I’m almost positive can cure any mental disease. Earlier in the day I sunk into another bout of depression, until I gradually climbed out of it by focusing on the present. My present concentration halted the downward spiral, but still, suppressed me at a relatively flat level of enthusiasm.

Nevertheless, once I congregated with old friends and the jokes began spurring out effortlessly, my spirit was soaring. I wasn’t even buzzed or drunk; I was just in my rare form. The night flowed onward without any abrupt stops in dialogue. Then, later on we all dispersed one by one, exchanging hugs, goodbyes, and final laughs. Until next time, I remain full of laughter.



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