Aiming Forward

The days were dwindling down and finally my new reality is shaping up. I am leaving tomorrow for California. Over the past week, doubt and fear has been creeping in, attempting to deter me and overshadow the positive possibilities. Nevertheless, I committed to this move and I am excited, therefore, no backing out at this point.

Needless to say, I will miss family and friends. Over the past couple of months, by means of digging through old photo albums and spending quality time with my dad, I can identify our unique similarities. He, along with my most-caring Mom, will be two people I will think about when on the road. I am aware I have their support, and that alone provides me with the courage to carry on and live my life.

I’m moving out–that statement alone is borderline unbelievable. I moved back in after college, because of my suffocating student-loan debt–110,000–and therefore, abandoned any foreseeable plans of packing up and departing from my parent’s house. Nevertheless, a year and a half after graduating college, I am finally pulling the impossible. My debt figure is still depressing, but I am liberating myself from the financial limitations and freeing myself back into the world: life has been restored with juice once again.

Although my bills remain intact and my family will now be miles apart, a fresh unread chapter begins. Without pushing cliche dialect, I do feel I am writing out my own story. In the past, I’ve allowed society expectations to outline my life. Aiming forward, I plan on consciously living, and most importantly, laughing along the way.



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