Roll, Roll, Roll

Well, please disregard my post from yesterday, as I have postponed my take-off until Saturday. A large snowfall is dumping on the west, so I opted out of plunging into a blizzard to instead, elect for the warm upper-50’s weather settling in next week. The warmth will nonetheless contribute to a more pleasant road-tripping experience.

With that, I have already assembled all of my belongings and completed my miscellaneous tasks. Therefore, the next few days will consist of rest and outlining my plan for 2017. Two weeks ago, I stumbled upon one of my annually-bought planners: one for the purpose of organizing the upcoming year, but is seldom used. I skimmed over the consistent use in the beginning of the notebook, but blank pages arose from April onward.

As I reached the final pages, I caught a list before closing. It was an organized list of New Year’s resolutions/goals. Although I hadn’t peeked at them since last January, it was compelling to review my progress. Certain vague goals were accomplished, while other grand hopes were disregarded early on. My final goal for the year–written in all capital blank-ink letters–was to have enough money to quit my job by my birthday of 2016. Well, it more or less occurred–I was laid off a month before my birthday, and at this point, I still have enough money to survive. So, yeah, I accomplished a lot last year.

As a human being, I still have areas from last year to improve upon and goals to manifest. Because of my untouched planners from the past, I’m discarding that tool. Rather, I’m going to hunker down, quietly, and plan out my 2017 on my Notepad on my Mac, accordingly, my plan will remain with me throughout the year. In addition, goals and resolutions will be constructed with detail, in order to better evaluate my progress.

Circumstances arise and plans change, naturally, but this year I want to be consciously aware of what’s important to me. Therefore, I can decided to stay on track or switch on to a new, more-exciting path. Like the river, I will roll.



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