A layer of snow blanketed the ground, roofs and tree branches this morning. This coating is Pennsylvania’s first legitimate snowfall of the year, and it greets me right before my departure tomorrow. The sky paints a calming blue color, and streaks of light cross as the sun rises in the east. As I write this, birds are whizzing by my back windows, frisking above the snow. It’s a tranquil day before I sail off.

Before I sunk into a slumber last night, I lie on my left side, pondering about today. I wrote a post earlier this week about leaving home and opening the next chapter of my life. I was engulfed about leaving, but now it appears to be more of a soothing sendoff. It’s time, yes, but it’s doesn’t have to be loud, rather, it can be a fluid transition. It’s unnecessary to attach high stakes to any change, just let it be. It will turn out the same way regardless.

My Dad joined me in my room last night. He slumped in my desk chair and leaned his feet against the edge of my rickety bed. He then delved into an exchange about the upcoming year and the necessary changes to be made. With that, there’s movement for everyone this year, even if physical relocation does not transpire. There’s areas pinning us down in our own unique ways, whether financial, mental or physical. It’s time to liberate ourselves from old patterns and transition into a new beginning.

Flocks of birds chase and tail one another in my backyard. Since I typically work in my living room during the daytime, I’ve been observing their ludic behavior for the past few months. A synopsis: they take flight, land and pec around, then takeoff once again. They take off effortlessly and land nimbly. I will keep that in mind.


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