Office Thoughts

I parked under the shade, contributed by a large, overhanging tree. Then, I lowered the front windows and cracked open the moonroof. It was a little past and fairly warm for a reported 71 degree day. I had just inhaled french fries and an avocado chicken sandwich, compliments of a local diner. I slipped off both dress shoes, reclined the driver’s seat, and my eyes followed the falling Autumn leaves as they dissented.

Earlier that morning I completed a two hour interview in Philly and later on, I would be enduring the same process one again. ┬áTurns out, I wounded up getting along with the people from the second interview. Though, whether I get the job is entirely in their hands. I feel like it would pay out, enough anyway. With that, I’m hesitant if it is an upward step rather than sideways in my development.

If I were to accept the role of a senior accountant, I would sit fairly stationary at this title, until in five years or so when I would leap to a managerial position. The next progression after that would typically not be available for another five or so years. Of course, monetary incentives are heighten annually, but what am I working towards?

As for money, it has always been a means of vital financial security rather than a grand goal. I am not in the game of acquiring barrels of cash to purshase more tangible goods or to be able to simply retire early. So why do I do it? Well, my student loans have always been a concern–but what happens when they’re finally paid off? Start living then? Buckle down on to the next loans?

Motives are based around a variety of factors; it’s undeniable that money isn’t one of them. Furthermore, self-confidence and doubt inhibits action. When you don’t feel adequate in your skills or abilities, one doesn’t pursue a dream or opportunity. This facet is a prominent piece that needs to be cultivated. Otherwise, one will see themselves planted in the same desk of the same office that they apathetically joined years ago. With that, there’s some things I need to work on.