Open Pavement

The weather was bland and it was the day after Christmas, therefore, a justifiable excuse to be exceptionally lazy. Porter, my girlfriend, stopped over the night before, and stayed through the next day. We indulged in leftovers, which propelled us back into a deeper state of indolence: cuddling on the couch, watching re-runs on Eastbound & Down. Then, hours later, we complied a grandiose effort to ramble over to the park to skateboard.

The park is enclosed by a mile-long paved track which outlines it. Trees are scarce as the park primarily contains baseball fields, soccer fields, a playground, and a basketball court. We hummed around the park, hollering and shouting while picking up speed. It was a cry of release.

My girlfriend carved in and out ahead of me. She was riding a longboard, which I gifted to her for Christmas. The present appeared to be evoking exuberance as she grinned back at me. Her knee-length, purple jacket fluttered out as she bombed down the decline, extending her arms out while her boots gripped for all they could get. Porter had been catapulted out of her slumber state.

We looped around the path several times, sporadically stopping to catch our breaths. Then, we exchanged boards for a brief ride.

“How do you carve on this thing?” Porter shouted behind me, as she struggled with my traditional-shaped skateboard.

I glanced back at Porter; she was standing in a dead-stop position. I rolled back to her, restraining a tutorial, and instead, switched back boards once again. She smiled and pushed off, launching herself forward. There was open pavement ahead.